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Kaba Simplex 8148R Mortise Lock x RHR x 26D

Hand: RHR

26D finish: Satin Chrome

814: Model number 

"8" Function: Combination Entry, Key Override, Passage, Lockout, Deadbolt

"R" Key override option: LFIC, Sargent; core not included


The 8100 Series lock, with the added security of a mortise lock and optional deadbolt, provides fully mechanical pushbutton access control with no electrical wiring, or batteries.


No Battery: 

  • Fully mechanical lock eliminates the material and labor expense of battery replacements


Locking Device:

  • Mortise with 1" (25 mm) deadbolt, ¾" (19 mm) two-piece anti-friction latch
  • Mortise with ¾" (19 mm) two-piece anti-friction latch


Number of Codes: Single access code—one easy-to-manage code for all users


Programming: Lock is easily programmed via keypad without removing lock from the door


Key Override (Optional): Small format interchangeable cores, large format removable cores


Operation Mode:

  • Pushbutton Access
  • Passage (select models)—allows access without using the lock entry code. Feature activated from the inside with a thumbturn or key (included with all passage feature models).
  • Deadbolt (select models)—added security of 1" deadbolt. Access permitted by combination or key override.
  • Lockout (all models)—disables the lock from the inside so that the entry codes cannot be used to gain access. Access is permitted using key override.
  • Economical: A cost effective access control solution

Kaba Simplex 8148R Mortise Lock x RHR x 26D

C$752.50 Regular Price
C$376.25Sale Price
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