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Kaba 79S3 x 7 x 1 x E x N x 4 x 1 Exit Device Operator x Satin Brass Finish

79S3: Rim Operators (Outdoor prox front lock housing)

7: Use with Dorma 9300 series exit devices


1: "long" lever design (see photos)

E: Electronic override

N: Dual Handed

4: Contactless Reader

1:1 3 ⁄4" - 2" (46-53 mm) door thickness


Software Features

  • User-friendly, intuitive solution protects client investment and simplifies integration with other building systems
  • Reduces material and labor costs associated with rekeying
  • Standard connectivity (Ethernet LAN -TCP/IP) makes it easy to network with existing compatible systems programming functions
  • Resident and employee credentials can be cancelled on an individual basis
  • Time-based access control system includes user-selectable keycard expiration
  • High security key encryption, proprietary and unique to each installation
  • Eight (8) authority levels to enable access controls.
  • Extensive reporting capabilities with a complete system audit trail
  • Eleven (11) lock-access levels for greater key control


Lock Features

  • All-metal, heavy duty locksets
  • One-inch solid metal deadbolt for added protection and privacy (optional automatic deadbolt)
  • Infrared communications link for programming and auditing
  • Mortise, cylindrical, exit device, and remote access controller available
  • Standard mechanical key override
  • Drainage system designed to prevent internal build-up of condensation

Kaba 79S3 x 7 x 1 x E x N x 4 x 1 Exit Device Operator x Satin Brass Finish

C$1,173.15 Regular Price
C$586.58Sale Price
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